Forgive and Go On

When someone does you wrong,
Don’t fret; just go on.
When someone does
A dreadful deed,
Sometimes makes you even bleed,
Just forgive them and go on.
When someone takes
What you have won,
Just forgive them and go on.
Do you have hurts deep inside,
‘Cause someone took you for a ride?
Don’t fret, sigh, or cry.
Forgive and go on.

Margarett Inez Bates

Christian philosopher, Bible teacher, author, and prolific poet, Margarett Inez Bates is a graduate of Mount Vernon Bible College with a Bachelor’s degree from the Christian International School of Theology. Actively involved in Christian service for over forty years she currently resides in her hometown, Kokomo, Indiana. Margarett has published two books: Poetical Insights: Lifting Up a Standard, and Poetical Insights Vol. 2: A Closer Look. You can read more of her work at Kokomo Poet.