Day 16 – Colossians 1:13

“…who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son.”

My high school Spanish teacher told us a funny story. She was studying in Spain but was late for a class. When she arrived, she told the professor that she was embarazo. She was “embarrassed” that she was late. Imagine her real embarrassment when she learned she had just told her professor she was pregnant! That’s what embarazo means in Spanish.

Someone has translated you wrong. They told you who you were, but they were wrong. They looked at you, read you, and translated you according to their eyes, their pain, their desires, their expectations. But they were wrong.

An abused person is told several things about herself: You are worthless. You are wicked. You asked for it. You will never be good enough. You are mine. You are only good for defilement now. You enjoyed it. You have to please me. You will never escape me.

And all of these are wrong, wrong, wrong!

God does not see us through the eyes of perversion and sin. He does not take an interest in us for what He can get out of us. He sees us as we really are. Very human, very frail, as dust, prone to sin and to hide our faces from Him, in need of a Savior.

He looked at us, read us, and translated us correctly. He knows exactly who you are, and by Jesus’ sacrifice, God put you—translated you—into the kingdom of His dear Son. I looked up the word translated in my KJV concordance. Know what it means? It means translated.

He knows what you are. He knows who you are. He will never misunderstand you. Others may hear your words and see your life and misunderstand you, but He never will. Others may judge you according to what they think your motives are, but He will always know what is in your heart when you act.

This is a fascinating and exhilarating truth to hear. God will never misjudge you. He will never read you wrong.

I often ask God to show me the truth about myself and the truth about Him. I desire both of these things greatly.

If God were to read you and translate you from this earthly language into His heavenly language, what would He say about you? What lies would He correct in the original document of your heart? What beautiful words would He see written on your spirit?

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