WATCH: Canadian Police RAID Family Home For Breaking “6 People” Rule

“Canadian police stormed an ‘illegal gathering of six people’ in a Gatineau home after a neighbor ratted them out. The residents resisted. Six police – the same number as were gathered in the home – arrived at the door and attempted to break up this nefarious gathering.”

Michael Knowles

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Sea of Blue

This is not a one-day event or a one-place event. It’s everywhere, any time! But especially for the month of September.

Please break out the blue ribbon to show support and love for our law enforcement personnel. Our law enforcement officers need our support more than ever as they are being disrespected across the nation by a small minority of people! As a fellow facebook user put it, “Let’s show the loud few how loud the silent majority can be when it comes to backing our men and women of law enforcement through this simple act of solidarity.”

Tie a blue ribbon today to your antenna, mailbox post, tree or business & join the “Sea of Blue” campaign. Please invite your friends to participate! Buy some extra ribbon, and ask your coworkers and neighbors to tie a piece around their antennas, trees, etc. Another idea is to use blue painter’s tape to make a blue line across your back windshield of your vehicle. How awesome would it be for these men and women who put their life on the line every day for us–for them to see vehicle after vehicle with that blue line across the back! Many times, we forget all about these types of events, but please make this one a priority. Such a simple way to say thank you and to support these men and women!

Another option is to put a reflective blue decal on your license plate.

Take a picture of your ribbons, and post it to the official Facebook page! Please include your home state and add the hashtag #backtheblue.