When God Roared

Recovering from Childhood Abuse—A Beginning for Women

Written by a sister in Christ

One thing God has spoken,
Two things have I heard:
That You, O God, are strong,
And that You, O Lord, are loving.
Psalm 62:11-12a

Letter of Introduction

Dear Sister,

Your story and mine are probably different: sexual abuse, physical abuse, an absent parent, an angry and negative parent, date rape, or betrayal of some sort. The circumstances were different, but the results were the same: physical and emotional pain, false guilt, feeling shame for your needs and shame for the wickedness done against you, feelings of abandonment and betrayal, anger or rage, bitterness, depression, suicide, and the desire for revenge. Neither list produces pleasant thoughts!

The following pages are meant to be digested one per day, like a vitamin. Many of them will have something to say to your heart, but due to your specific experience, some of them may not saying anything to you. And that is all right.

In an effort to keep things simple, I always use “he” when referring to an abuser. Women also choose to abuse, but the he/she pronoun is awkward.

Although honest about my healing, I have not been specific in the stories from my past. While I have used myself as an example in these pages, I wanted to stay as universal as I could in the truths God has taught me so they would apply to as many women as possible. Knowing the details of my painful abuse will not heal you. Only God’s loving kindness and His Word can do that work in your heart.

I pray that our Father, in His tender mercy, will use this little booklet to bring you closer to Him as He daily shows you “how wide and long and high and deep” is the love He pours over you (Ephesians 3:18).”

Because of God’s grace,

A sister in Christ

Table of Contents

The following is Table of Contents that was published a fresh page at a time and is now complete. We pray that God uses this book mightily in your life to swaddle you in His love and heal your precious heart.

Day 1 – Deuteronomy 32:47

Day 2 – John 20:29

Day 3 – Jeremiah 17:14

Day 4 – Psalm 46:5-6

Day 5 – Isaiah 40:18

Day 6 – Ephesians 2:3

Day 7 – Matthew 6:14-15

Day 8 – Ephesians 6:12

Day 9 – Psalm 129:2–4

Day 10 – Judges 6:12–13

Day 11 – Mark 7:15, 18

Day 12 – 1 John 1:9

Day 13 – Psalm 50:23

Day 14 – 1 Chronicles 4:9–10

Day 15 – John 14:8

Day 16 – Colossians 1:13

Day 17 – 2 Samuel 6:16

Day 18 – Matthew 9:17

Day 19 – Hebrews 12:15

Day 20 – 2 Corinthians 8:12

Day 21 – Luke 1:74

Day 22 – Isaiah 54:4

Day 23 – Isaiah 64:8

Day 24 – Psalm 45:10–11

Day 25 – Romans 12:1

Day 26 – Job 19:25–27

Special Temptations You Might Face


This book is now complete, but your book is still being written! Woman of God, you are loved. Each day, God is adding a fresh page to your book, coauthoring your story of redemption, dominion, and valor. We are praying for you as you walk this journey with the Lord. Go in peace.


This content, written in 2004, is not copyrighted. You may copy it without permission. However, I ask you not to change what I have written or the Bible verses I used. All Bible verses are either in King James Version or New International Version, copyright © 1978 by New York International Bible Society.